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"Maga Woman, You Matter."

I am Andromada word-medicine woman. A once Maiden-Mother choosing love over fear.
Gracefully ageing and letting go of 'Then' to empower the 'Now'.
Peacefully paving a path, the path once tread by my ancestors, with strength; in-tune with the song of moon phases.
I am a shamanic, woman-crafting, empathic green witch.
I am reaching out to women* to remember their value in being heard; letting go and planting fresh intentions within that darkness. A darkness illuminated with the reflections of your own light and experience.
There are lessons in pain.
Mechanisms that keep us safe in the darkness; blissfully illuminated by the whispers of the heart.
I stand witness to aid in the release of stagnant stories; to create a space in the void to set intentions that serve your highest good.
This is done in relation to the lunar calendar.

*My use of women includes all who identify with this word; all who embody the Divine Feminine, regardless of birth.